Packet Radio System
145.030 & 145.010

KA-node = JACSON Local BBS = ka3bvj-1 Jackson Township,North'd County

Node,Chat,gateway,wormhole  = ka3bvj-2 Herndon,North'd County
                           CROSS-OVER from 145.030 TO 145.010   via the internet                              

.03 to .01 cross-over node = MRN  Montour Ridge,North'd County

KA- node = SNBURY  KC3FIT repeater site


KA- node = ELKMTN ( test mode)

KA-nodes = TUSC Tuscarora  and K3TAR-1 bbs Mifflintown Juniata County

KA-node = LYCO Williamsport Mountain

KA- node = W3PHB-7  (N3CQ)

node = W3SLA-7 Boys School Herndon RF cross-over 03 to 01

node = ALT01 Altoona  , NJ3T-7 MT Davis

node = PIXROC (KC3BDL)

 Packet History of what I remember. ka3bvj Dennis
Well back in the 80 and 90's I was big user..The internet was not yet here and
the only internet was using 800 dial out numbers..And also same time there was
 packet...The network on packet was very big at that time .The was BBS (NR3U)
 near here that was a Satellite gateway which meant all the traffic was sent
 and rec via that port..Than there was also an node here on a mountain  (MIDPA)
 I think that was the ID. Which heard a lot mostly Williamsport,Pinegrove.I
 used to connect Pinegrove via Midpa and at pinegrove there was a chat room
 area which there was usually 3 or 4 of chatting there
I also used to do a lot of node hopping and traveled around the world on
 packet.Some of those nodes are still active.Places like
 England,Russia,Australia,Canada...One time while node hopping I found a worm
 hole that was on the under water phone cable from New York to England..I also
 at that time made a connection from my Dial gateway via packet went around the
 world and came back to my 2 Meter rf system that was neat time from typing a
 letter till it came out on the rf side was like a min. There was also big chat
 rooms which were part of some of the packet dx clusters they were neat around
 the xmas and new years..I would to see all this come back it was a neat time
 in history..PS.we were using 2 freq's that time 145.010 and 145.070

My system on 2 meters was a Kenwood Hand held tnc was PacCom Tiny2 and
 computer varied timex sinclair to a victor 9000 which I still have.

If anyone wants to add to this please let me know.